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GETTING TO TAKEN- The 4 Week Video Course

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If you have been following me for a bit, you know that  I recently became “TAKEN”.  Yes, that is my terminology for it! Although my man and I got married, I realized that being in a committed relationship doesn't always have to mean there needs to be a ring on it.  
I know that you as well, hunger for the same thing- a fully committed relationship where your heart can rest and grow!
So I want to share with you the process of “GETTING TO TAKEN”.
Hear more about my story and the program that will help you- 
  • Get laser focused on what you need to do to get “Taken”.
  • How to choose the right man who is ready for it as well.
  • Finding your best attributes that attract that kind of man.
  • Diversifying your dating portfolio for a better R.O.I..
  • How you can strategically market yourself.
  • What to expect when it comes to fruition! (I know, I am living it!)
 Let's get you TAKEN by a great man!
The “GETTING TO TAKEN” Program will include-
  • 4 live Zoom Calls (all on Mondays in October at 7pm CST, also recorded for you to watch later).
  • A Workbook and helpful questions to get you focused and excited about this next season.
  • A group of like minded women, of all ages, who will be sharing their struggles
  • My 7 Steps to Sexy Basics.

Work with myself, a  top matchmaker and dating coach, who is living out the dream of “BEING TAKEN” !

$89- SILVER: The “GETTING TO TAKEN” live course, and workbook.  

$449- GOLDEN: The “GETTING TO TAKEN” live course, workbook and 2 one hour zoom coaching calls (used within one month of purchase).  

$949- PLATINUM: The “GETTING TO TAKEN” live course, workbook, free access to Seven Steps to Sexy Video Course and 4 one hour zoom coaching calls (used within three moths of the course purchase).