Hi, I'm Katy.

I’m a matchmaker, dating coach and motivational speaker, on a mission to help singles with their love life, one date at a time!

Everyone who visits my site, or listens to what I teach, all have different goals. Some want marriage, and some just left one and want to get out dating again, but what we all want is to find that someone special — someone that gets us, supports us and is there for us. It really is that simple. But dating never feels simple. That’s okay because I’m here to help you on that journey with practical, approachable dating advice that myself and my clients have used over the last decade.

After being married for 10 years, living 7 of those in China, opening a restaurant and raising my young children there, I came back to the states to a marriage in struggle.

When I became a single, divorced, mom over 10 years ago, I had three young children, no career and a minivan with 180k miles on it. My divorce wasn’t simple, and I walked away with almost no financial help.

One thing I did realize was I had a fun spirit and an appreciation for a chance to meet my right man. I started dating with great enthusiasm, as I enjoyed meeting new people and found growth and value in the effort itself. I also realized that staying in great shape, being a quality parent, and working hard to support myself was very attractive to men.

Keeping a positive outlook and having the mindset that every guy wasn’t my perfect match helped me be confident and successful in dating. Plus, I was having loads of fun.

A few years in, I went on a date for Cinqe matchmaking, and although Ted and I weren’t a fit (we’re still friends to this day), I later joined their team matchmaking and recruiting. Since I was on the team and actively dating, I always had great advice for our clients. I realized that we could get many of our clients first dates, but they needed help getting the second dates. Whether it was in their personal style, confidence or attitude, all of that works together for dating success! That’s when I started working with our clients so that they would be confident, successful and have fun dating! I truly believe that “old school standards, with new school style” is the key to doing dating right! Now I get to share all my matchmaker dating tips with you all! And the best part is when I get to be personally involved and coach my clients in one of the biggest aspects of their lives… their love life. 

Let's work together.