Don't just take

my word

for it.

“Everything you tell me to do works! I love you. You have a knack for great lines.”
Melissa, 40

“This whole experience has been positive. I have been meeting men right and left and I think working with you helped me get clear about what I want and open to the possibility. Thank you.”
Dina, 44

“I honestly overall feel like I have my dating mojo back.”
Mary, 49

“The date was great! Conversation flowed easy the whole time. He was a gentleman who came bearing dark chocolate. Twice over the course of the evening he said this was the best first date he’s ever had. ☺️”
Nicola, 51

“Until I started dating with you, I was only dating boys. When I hired you as my matchmaker, every date was exceptional. Not every date was chemistry but every man was high caliber, respectful and knew where he was going in life. Exceptional people.”
Annette, 41

“I gotta tell you Katy that you have been a blessing in my life. That may seem odd to equate with clothing, but you have completed the package of turning me into a commodity. I have been utterly clueless my entire life until now how much fashion turns women on. I always thought of that as basically a woman thing whereas men were straight up nice shirt and pants- doesn’t matter. When we were walking out of the restaurant last night my date looked at me and said with such sincerity: you look Really nice. So, thank you for dressing me so well. I also much appreciate having you to talk to because I’ve never had a girl-friend (much less coach!) who I can actually have honest conversations about dating process.“
Kevin, 52

“To say I like what you have done to my Bio is an understatement, it’s amazing! Just what I need is a woman’s touch!I love the last line, you hit the nail on the head.”
Jeff, 55

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