Private Coaching

Dating with Katy
a Private Coaching Experience

You have made a great choice to move forward in enjoying and thriving in your dating life.

So let’s talk straight…. I do not promise to find the man of your dreams, to make a wedding happen in a few months, or for you to find the perfect boyfriend. Whatever your deepest dream and goal is in dating, I am here to support and help you walk that path in the most confident, successful, and fun way possible.

So what do I help you with in your dating journey?

Dating with Confidence

• Helping you recognize your deep value and what you “bring to the table.
• ”Feeling and looking fabulous, head to toe.
• Knowing what to wear on specific dates, and where to go.
• Knowing what to say to help your move forward with a prospect.

Dating Successfully

• Knowing your standards and how to effectively communicate them.
• Understanding the opposite sex and what to watch for.
• Understanding how to move on quickly, and focus on what you want.

Dating for Fun

• Helping develop and focus on the fun side of your personality.
• Knowing that you wont date everyone, so just enjoy the ride.
• Fun date ideas and how to do wing girl/wing guy nights.

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