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STYLE YOURSELF CONFIDENT - JUNE 5TH Live video class for men

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Are you date night confident with what to wear and how to show up?

Do you know how to quickly and efficiently purchase great clothes for your wardrobe? 

Do you know what is the number one cologne that drives women wild?

Well I DO!  And I am happy to help you know...

  • Your BEST date night outfit, and all the details.
  • What wardrobe staples you need, and what to get rid of (yesterday).
  • Your best cut and color.

And so much more! Never let a bad outfit be an excuse for not getting a second date! 

In this course you will get ALL THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW how to look and act confident on your next date! 

SAVE JUNE 5TH, 5 PST for our LIVE class.  All information will be emailed to you!